Wildlife Series Nairobi’s Wildlife and The Rescue: Chapter 3

These stories are written in a format that allows you to edit the story and the characters to your liking. For example, the name of the main character in this story “Arya” can be changed to [Your Child’s Name].


  • Arya – is a young, curious and brave photographer who has been fascinated by the animals and their lives forever. She has recently got a budget to take some pictures for National Geographic and she is visiting the African jungles for the first time.


*This chapter begins immediately after Arya’s escape from last chapter. Be sure to complete that scene first before continuing the storyline*


Arya throws the meat which distracts the lion and Arya can drive past to safety. She continues her journey to find amazing pictures of the wildlife in Nairobi.


Arya is driving through the jungle to look for nice pictures when she hears a dog barking and growling in the distance. She drives towards the sounds to find out what is making those noises.


Why would a dog be all the way out here? And why is it barking and growling so much?


Arya turns around a corner of trees and shrubbery to find a panther and a dog at a standoff. The dog has a red collar on.


Oh! That’s why! Wait! Is that someone’s dog?!


Arya doesn’t get too close to the panther as she learned her lesson last time with the lion. She is watching the standoff as the panther gets closer and closer to the dog. The dog continues to bark to stand its ground.


This isn’t going to end well for the dog. What do I do?


Arya looks around to find something to distract the panther but sees nothing. Arya continues to slowly get closer to the two animals as she only has one other option now.


I can’t let someone’s dog get attacked right in front of me. I must do something.

Arya runs and screams to distract the panther. The panther isn’t fazed and gets closer to the dog, so Arya jumps and pushes the dog away just before the panther jumped at them. The panther misses and lands a couple feet from where Arya landed after saving the dog. Arya lets go of the dog so it can run away



Go boy go!


Arya looks to her right and the panther is within a couple feet of her as it growls with its teeth showing. This panther is set on Arya now.


Oh no! Please Wait!


Arya starts backing up and the panther slowly follows in its attack stance


Ahhhhh! [scream]


Arya is panicked and lets out a scream in fear.



Heeyyyyy! Ahhhhhhhh! [loud yelling]


An unknown person starts screaming and yelling which distracts the panther. A man appears out of nowhere hanging from a vine. He swings fast towards Arya and scoops her up. Arya is quickly lifted off the ground and into a tree high off the ground from the panther.


Who are you? [looking into the unknown man’s eyes]