Best picnic spots for families with children during Covid-19 Pandemic

Best picnic spots for families with children during Covid-19 Pandemic

New studies are showing that the Covid 19 can have a negative impact on children’s development of language and communication skills. Researchers are encouraging the families to be both be aware of the problem and try to find innovative ways that can help their child improve their communication and language learning skills both in virtual and real-life settings.

One of the best and most effective ways of increasing a child’s social and motor skills is through playing with their peers, parents, and family members.

In this article, we want to list several places and activities that you can enjoy as a family during the covid-19 time. Therefore, this article is divided into two sections: 1. Where to go and 2. What to do.

Disclaimer: We tried crafting this list in a way that is flexible depending on where you live and the tools you have at your disposal. But since we are a ride-on car toy brand, most of our suggestions are focused on ride-on car toys and the best ways they can be used during this pandemic.

1. Where to go:

Option 1: Your own backyard. The best, easiest, and most hassle-free place to go is your own Backyard. If you live in a house that has a backyard, the best and safest option for you is the backyard. Just make sure that you treat it as a picnic, or, out of home time. Essentially what that means, is that you don’t get to sit there in your pajamas. Make sure you put some effort into it.

Option 2: If you live in a row house setting or where you have access to a safe road that you can allow the children to play in it. Why not? Especially if it’s a place where you get to spend some time with the neighbor kids with a social distance and of course wearing a mask.

Option 3: If none of the above was an option, the next option is going to a closeby park. If you’re going to a closeby city park, we suggest going there before to make sure there is enough space for you and your family. But if you’re going to a national park where camping is allowed then make sure you have booked your spot before visiting the campsite.

Currently, most national parks in Canada and the US are open and you can book a reservation from their individual website.

2: What to do:

This one is pretty simple: TOYS. AS MUCH TOYS AS POSSIBLE. and of course, a ride-on car. Preferably, a Kool Karz Ride-on car.

Option 1: One of the most joyful and rewarding activities, both in terms of social, language, and motor skills development is Pretend Play. It is also, the most difficult one since it requires using your imagination and creating a story as you play.

If you own a ride-on car: There are loads of simple everyday life scenarios that you can play with your children. From getting a taxi to delivering food, and etc. That’s a basic version. If you’re looking at a more detailed story for your pretend play, you can use one of the mini storylines that we publish on our website and social media.

If you don’t own a ride-on car: Still, the same rules apply. Remember, the goal here is to provide a way for your children to develop their communication and language learning skills. So, focus on creating a story where they get to learn new words and understand what they mean.

So, grab all the toys your children have and try to come up with a story that encourages them to engage with as much as possible and they get to learn new words as they play.

If you need more preparation, feel free to use our storylines as a template of how you should prepare a pretend play script. The benefit of having a script, even a rough one, is that you know where the story goes and how you’re gonna develop the story, so when you’re playing with your children you can focus on teaching them more important stuff rather than just creating a story.

We hope this information can help you both enjoy your time with your children and enhance your child’s communication skills.

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