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Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG (2021)

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG (2021)

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The Kool Karz® Mercedes Benz iconic and forever timeless G wagon Ride On Car looks like the type of car that your cool dad drives when taking you out for ice cream and adventures. But truthfully, it provides much more as a multi-purpose car made for all kinds of drives. Whether your child is on an imaginary high-speed chase, a jungle trek, or simply a casual late-night cruise, this car can be whatever they need it to be.

The parental remote is a great addition, giving you control of the vehicle if the child is too small to drive themselves. So, let them drive around just like mom and dad, and see their faces light up!

3-8 Years


1 Seater


12V 7Ah


35 W x 2



Remote Control


Power Display:

The current battery status is displayed on your dashboard

Music using USB/Micro SD Slots or AUX/MP3 Input:

This car comes with an MP3/Music outlet so that your child can play his/her favourite audiobooks, or music while he/she’s cruising around.

Shock Absorbers:

This car comes with Two Shock Absorbers to minimize discomfort when your child drives on uneven ground

Foot Driving Mode:

As oppose to Slow Start feature, Foot Driving Mode prevents the rapid and sudden stops that comes with electric vehicles when the rider takes his/her foot off the peddle

Rear Trunk:

This car is one the few models that are equipped with rear trunk

LED Lights:

This car comes with powerful LED Lights for maximum visibility during those evening drives.

Leather Seats:

This car comes with faux leather seats, so that your child will feel extra comfortable during those hour long drives.

Point Seat Belt:

This car comes with a five-point seat belt to strap your child in, to keep him/her safe and secure while the vehicle is in motion.


Weight 13.2 kg
Dimensions 102 × 59 × 31 cm
Color Black, White
Ride-On Type Powered Ride On
Seats 1