Wildlife Series Nairobi’s Wildlife and The Lions Tale: Chapter 2

These stories are written in a format that allows you to edit the story and the characters to your liking. For example, the name of the main character in this story “Arya” can be changed to [Your Child’s Name].


  • Arya – is a young, curious and brave photographer who has been fascinated by the animals and their lives forever. She has recently got a budget to take some pictures for National Geographic and she is visiting the African jungles for the first time.


*This chapter begins immediately after Arya’s escape from last chapter. Be sure to complete that scene first before continuing the storyline*


After escaping the alligator, Arya continues her search for great pictures during her journey through the jungle.


Now that I’m away from that chaos, I can finally get to where I want to go.


She drives for miles through forests and swampy areas to continue her journey. On her drive through the jungle, Arya notices an animal.


Is that an antelope?


She stops the car to take pictures of the antelope. As she zooms in with her camera to look at the beautiful animal, she notices a lion coming into frame.



AH! (spooked)


Arya is spooked and lets out a little noise. As she looks back to her camera, she sees the lion has changed his prey and is now interested in Arya. The lion slowly changes his direction towards Arya.


Oh no! (scared)

Arya immediately runs to the car for safety. She hops in the car.




I need to get out of here! (frightened)


Arya starts the car and immediately accelerates. She speeds by the lion as it barely misses a swipe at the car.


That was close!


Arya looks in the rear-view mirror and notices the lion starting to chase after her. She is driving fast but the lion can cut through the high grass and narrow paths.


Leave me alone lion!


After a series of turns and rough terrain, the lion finally finds a way to cut Arya off. The lion stands in front of the car. They’re at a stand off and both are waiting for someone to make a move.



I need to do something! What do I do? (frantically to herself)


Arya remembers she has her lunch still in her bag. She puts her hand in the bag to feel for the lunch while still remaining eye contact with the lion so it does not attack. She grabs her hamburger that she had stored.


This must work (excited)


Will Arya get out of this one too? There is only one way to find out…

*This is where you and your child to finish the story* (At this point. your child should throw the meat to distract the lion so Arya can drive past escape. Go try it!)