Mercedes-Benz M Class




3-8 Years

1 Seater

12V 10Ah

25 W x 4


Sporty, sleek, and stylish— at Kool Karz, we won’t settle for anything less.

That’s why we’ve designed our officially licensed Mercedes Benz M-Class with utmost accuracy and craftsmanship. When your child steps through its fully-functioning doors, they’ll be thrilled at the realism of both the outside frame and inner body of the car. Its immersive LED headlights and engine sounds will surely accelerate your child’s imagination.

Watch their face light up as they cruise around the block in their very own vehicle-- its large EVA wheels letting them ride high as they press down on the gas peddle. Our two-point seat belt will keep them safely strapped in the leather seat as they test drive a car for the very first time. Coming in shades of punchy lime green, wild red, and dynamic black, this car is perfect for children who aren’t afraid to be bold.


Bluetooth Remote

Foot Driving Mode


LED Lighting

Music Player

Point Seat Belt

Power Display


Slow Start

EVA Wheels

Leather Seat

Two-Point Seat Belt

This car comes with a two-point seat belt to strap your child in, to keep him/her safe and secure while the vehicle is in motion.

Front Grill

A realistic and stylish front grill to give off the authentic experience of driving a Mercedes-Benz Typ 540K.


This car comes with many slots such as USB/Micro SD/AUX/MP3 input so that your child can play their favourite audiobooks, or music while they’re cruising around.

Slow Start

A feature built into the motor of the car that will reduce instant torque and prevent neck injury improving the safety of your children.


This car comes with an efficient suspension system for optimal steering and stability so that your child has the smoothest ride possible.

Easy-to-Use Rear Trunk

A rear trunk that easily pops right out and snaps right back in place, easy to use and great for extra storage.

LED Lighting

Working LED lights to provide extra vision when it gets dark improving safety.

Dashboard and Car Horn

Easy-to-use dashboard for your children to start playing without any troubles and working car horn for your child to enjoy that authentic driving experience!


PRODUCT SIZE: 112 x 71 x 59 (cm)
PACKAGE SIZE: 110 x 61 x 41 (cm)