Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG




3-8 Years

1 Seater

12V 7Ah

35 W x 2


The Kool Karz® Mercedes Benz G55 AMG Ride On Car looks like the type of car that your cool uncle drives when taking you out for ice cream and amusement parks.

But truthfully, this is a multi-purpose car made for all kinds of drives.

Whether your child is on an (imaginary) high speed chase, a jungle trek, or simply a casual late night cruise, this car can be whatever he/she needs it to be.

The Black & Gold Limited Edition of the Kool Karz® Mercedes Benz G55 AMG Ride On Car is by far one of our favourites. The gold on black detailing on this car is truly impressive.

It’s the type of car that Pop Stars would proudly be “Stunting” in.

Your child will love cruising around in this baby while playing some of his/her favourite kidz bop anthems.


The Gold & White Limited Edition of the Kool Karz® Mercedes Benz G55 AMG Ride On Car looks like it was designed to be driven on a bed of clouds against a backdrop of a beautiful blue sky.  

The gold finishes along the rims, the sides of the cars, and the rear view mirror really “pops” from its milky white chassis.

This luxury Ride On Car is meant for the child that doesn’t mind a little attention. Cause with a ride like that, (s)he’s bound to get some.


Bluetooth Remote

Foot Driving Mode


LED Lighting

Music Player

Point Seat Belt

Power Display


Slow Start

Leather Seats

EVA Wheels

Three -Point Seat Belt

This car comes with a three-point seat belt to strap your child in, to keep him/her safe and secure while the vehicle is in motion.


This car comes with many slots such as USB/Micro SD/AUX/MP3 input so that your child can play their favourite audiobooks, or music while they’re cruising around.

Slow Start

A feature built into the motor of the car that will reduce instant torque and prevent neck injury improving the safety of your children.

LED Lighting

Working LED lights to provide extra vision when it gets dark improving safety.

Dashboard and Car Horn

Easy-to-use dashboard for your children to start playing without any troubles and working car horn for your child to enjoy that authentic driving experience!


PRODUCT SIZE: 132 x 66 x 59 (cm)
PACKAGE SIZE: 127 x 63 x 48 (cm)