Explorer Series Adventures of Wheelobie – Sahara Desert Mystery: Chapter 5

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  • James Wheelobie: Once upon a time there was an explorer named James the Wheelobie. He was fast, smart and very handy with cars. He got his nickname, Wheelobie, because of his experience with cars and how he could ride the cars through any obstacle and any weather safely and beautifully.


  • Brapstein: Was a 60-year-old geologist. He was wise and experienced but very slow. He had recently won a noble prize for his translation of ancient handwritten books.


  • Brapstein’s only trustee was Wheelobie. They knew each other from years ago when Dr. Brapstein got in Wheelobie’s car during an Uber Ride.




Sahara Desert, Egypt, Afternoon

Doc and Wheelobie get tackled to the ground but they have the scrolls in their hands. Seaforth’s men lift them up in their tight grasp and hold them still while standing.



Not so high and mighty now are you Wheelobie. Give me the scrolls. We already have the gold coins but the scrolls are the real treasure.


Wheelobie ad Doc tighten their grip on the scrolls with two hands as if they are going to rip them


I will never let you touch these scrolls even if it meant we had to rip them!


Wheelobie and Doc raise the scrolls with two hands as if they are about to rip them


We will rip these scrolls if you or your men try to take it from us. Now let go of us at once!


William nods to allow his men to let go of Doc and Wheelobie


Now what? You think we are letting you leave the Tomb with those scrolls? Haha Funny



Well then, I guess we are forced to rip them and lose all the value. Alright Doc here we go



Wait! Don’t! How bout we race for them? Winner gets the scrolls



Deal! [makes deal for James out of confidence]

Doc, Wheelobie, Seaforth, and his men all walk slowly out of the Tomb to make sure no one runs or makes any sudden moves to steal the scrolls. They exit the tomb and line up at their cars.


We race from here to the hill and back. Winner gets the scrolls and if there are any attempts to steal the scrolls, Doc will rip them before you can get to him

James and Seaforth hop in their cars and lineup at the line. They start and warm up their engines.


You’re going down Wheelobie!


Seaforth’s guard lines up and signals Ready, Set, he waives his arm… GO! Wheelobie and Seaforth are off. Seaforth immediately accelerates as fast as he can go which makes his tires spin in the sand. Wheelobie knew this and accelerated at a safe speed. Wheelobie gets a better start and has the lead. Seaforth has a better car so he catches up to Wheelobie quite fast.

Wheelobie is half way to the hill as he notices Seaforth coming up right behind him very fast.


He’s going to hit me!


Wheelobie cranks the wheel to the left to get out of the way from Seaforth. Seaforth goes straight through and takes the lead. What he doesn’t realize is he is going too fast to make the turn. As Seaforth overshoots the turn by a bit, Wheelobie is able to pass him on the inside around the turn.


Noooo! I’m coming for you now Wheelobie! [Evil]


Wheelobie now has a considerable lead but Seaforth does have a faster car. Is the lead enough? James is flooring the pedal at this point and is trying to go as fast as his car can go. Seaforth is gaining on him but the finish line is nearing fast. They both are going dangerously fast towards the finish line


Come on James!!


James wins!! Doc raises his arms in excitement but this leaves the scrolls in a vulnerable spot as only one hand is on them. Seaforth’s men snag them out of Doc’s hands. Wheelobie and Seaforth get back to the group of spectators and become immediately tense


We will be taking those! Thank you very much [condescending]



But I won! Those are mine! Wait! Where you going?